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Phone Apps

Phone apps are applications for Android and iOS devices. It supports unlimited users on unlimited devices. Orders and Tables status are synchronized at real-time to allow any user can take an order, check out or process any order from any devices. The apps also support offline mode in case the server cannot be reached due wifi issue at the restaurant. Staff can check out and print invoice directly from a phone if the Bluetooth POS printer is available.

Front-desk Web Tool

The front-desk web tool is another option to process the order. This tool allows an order can proceed via computer screen of the cashier. The front-desk web tool can receive checkout or print request from mobile devices.

How can you setup your restaurant on Food Explorer?

EcoSystem for Order Management
Smart ecosystem of phone apps, cloud-based web-tools for restaurant owner, kitchen men and waiters with variety of options & operations.
Connect Your Restaurant
Building a restaurant networking for the customer around the world is in our roadmap: a great way to deliver your dishes to more customers and receiving valued feedback online.
Keep tracking your business
Market tool and insight report to operate your restaurant.